Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Misawa Red Cross Clean-up

Tomorrow I will be heading out with one of the Red Cross sponsored clean-up crews.  The base is sponsoring 2 trips a day to different areas and I'm not sure where we'll be going but I think most of the trips are heading down to Hachinohe now.  Work has been pretty slow since I came back from Ofunato.  With the search and rescue teams gone we're mainly supporting clean-up crews and the voluntary evacuation from northeast Japan.

Some of you may have seen that the State Department and DOD authorized family members of government employees to leave Japan.  I personally don't think the situation here is that bad, but about 10% of our dependent population on Misawa has volunteered to leave.  I know for my unit it's primarily dependents whose sponsor (the military member) is deployed that are leaving.

The situation on base has been steadily improving and power has been restored to almost all buildings on base.  We are under fairly strict conversation orders though and it's weird to walk around the base and be in buildings with only the bare minimum amount of lights on.  There has been a problem in the evenings with people not conserving at home and we have a contingency plan that will shut off power to buildings as necessary.  Sending some of those dependents home will probably help reduce our power consumption a decent amount!

Tomorrow night I will try to post any pics I take during the clean-up.

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