Friday, March 18, 2011

Back from Ofunato Pt. 1

I just got back from Ofunato at about 2100 tonight.  Our mission down there was not exactly what I expected, but it was still an awesome trip.  Unfortunately the units we went to support mission is primarily search and rescue, and with it being a week after the quake/tsunami it is now more of a recovery mission.  We ended up just helping them pack and palletize their gear and got them back to Misawa to leave.

I have only slept a few hours in the last few days and am most likely off tomorrow.  Right now I am enjoying a few well-deserved beers before racking out for the night!  Being off tomorrow would be great for me to get a chance to do some laundry and get myself rested!  We've been going non-stop since the earthquake happened.

Tomorrow I plan on doing a larger post about what I actually did in Ofunato.  I have a lot of pictures and some great info, but right now I am way too tired to actually compose anything especially articulate!  Make sure to check it out tomorrow!

For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, below is a story for ABC15 in Phoenix that my friend Jenn put together about me.  This blog has blown up since she used some of the photos in the story and linked the blog on the stations website.  I feel a little pressure now that my little blog to stay in touch with family and friends has gotten so much attention, and all the attention is a little embarrassing.  I am definitely no hero!  Tomorrow I will give some great info about some real heros who were down there to help.

ABC15 News Story - text version


  1. I am now following your blog. My husband is a TSgt in the Air Force and my husband's old unit out of JBMDL here in NJ are coming to you guys in the next few days :) 819th CRW. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for your service. You are all heroes in my eyes. Proud mom of a Marine currently serving in Okinawa

  3. Hang in there Scott. You are doing work that is having a positive impact.