Monday, February 14, 2011

Mi Casa - My house - 私の家

Had my first day on the job today and it went well enough. Tomorrow I should start some of my work center orientation and really start getting down to business! The big news from today is that I payed my deposit for my new place and was able to go over and take some pictures!

My house is a 3 bedroom 2 bath 1 story and is a bit over 1,300 square feet!  It is WAY larger than what I had expected to be living in.

My new street. They don't plow at all

Entry way.  All the floors are wood and in the lease it actually says you're not allowed to wear shoes on the floors!  In Japanese houses its customary to take your shoes off before you enter and they'll usually have some sort of house slippers to wear.  Outside of the bathroom they'll have another set to wear in there because they think it's dirty!

Living room.  Only my living room and bedroom have AC, but NO one on base has AC!

Kitchen.  The base supplies a washer, dryer, range, and fridge for me. They'll be delivered Wednesday afternoon!

Master bedroom. You can't see it but I have a BIG walk-in closet.

Master bath, yes that is a heated seat.  I'll write a whole blog about the toilets in Japan sometime soon!

So that's the new place!  It's in an awesome neighborhood where I have lots of Japanese neighbors so hopefully they're cool and don't mind the new gaijin next door!  Feel free to leave me some comments or questions too!

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