Friday, April 1, 2011

Normal shifts!

Well I don't really have any news to report right now except for us going back to normal shifts.  I got the call yesterday that we would be stopping 24 hour operations and that I can stop living the vampire life!  It's funny how when I was younger I used to stay up all night, and now I much prefer the dayshift.  Probably because I miss the sun!

Since I was not working last night TSgt Meyers, the guy I road down to Ofunato with, invited me to go with his family down to Hachinohe to eat at a Japanese curry place that everyone loves called Coco's.  It was definitely something worth going back to and was so far the spiciest thing I've had in Japan.  You can order the curry from level 1-10 and I had a level 5 which was a pretty good mix of flavor and heat. Next time I will go for a 6 or 7 though!

I am off this weekend so tonight I am probably going to go out and celebrate a little (it is payday after-all), and then on Sunday I volunteered to do a short five-hour local clean-up.  Next Wednesday I volunteered to a long clean-up a few hours south in the village of Noda.  It's a village of about 4,000 people and over 1/3 of the buildings in town were destroyed.  The base will be sending crews down about three times a week to help clean up and deliver supplies.

Until I do those clean-ups I may not have too much else to write about.  In the meantime here is an awesome sign that was in the bathroom at Cocos over the child changing table.  I like the graphic of the kid falling!


  1. Get the chicken cutlet curry with cheese and garlic bits. Talk about AMAZING!!

  2. I'm glad to hear that life in Japan can be fairly normal these days. Enjoy your evening out.

  3. They always have crazy warning graphics in other countries! I saw some in Italy that were just ridiculous.